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things you should never wear: stacked heels

Do not listen to what any fashion magazine tells you about this, unless you are reading the magazine for which I work, because we will tell you the truth: Stacked heels, particularly when shown in platform, uh, form, look cheap.

I know, you’re thinking, “No, they don’t look cheap. They look Chloe-esque!” You are mistaken.

Here, take a look at these two shoes.

cheapshoe.jpg wedeshoe.jpg

Can you tell which one is cheapy Target and which one costs $350? Probably. But would you feel clever spending $350 on either shoe? I should hope not. Though one has actual stacked wood and the other is merely printed-on pleather, the difference isn’t that noticeable. And when something expensive doesn’t give off the appearance of quality, you are a sucker for buying it. And on top of that, you wind up looking like you just stepped out of Family Dollar.


built by wendy’s troll shoes

trollSo you know Chloe, the most annoying character in 24? My partner and I are horrible, shallow people who can’t see her without thinking of a troll (or, if we’re feeling more generous, a Keebler elf). We have this whole going in which we crouch down, curl our index and middle fingers, and scrunch up our face, and gurgle, “Troll! Troll! TROLL!” Yes, we are both mature and romantic.
Anyway, we’ve been thinking of taking our trolling to the next level. And that requires outfits. Luckily for us, Built By Wendy has a new shoe line for spring:

built by wendy shoesWhich is good, because I have been hoping for a Smeagol-esque footwear choice that also makes me look like a Joanna Newsom backup dancer.

payless: who knew?

Normally I do not shop at Payless, because I have this weird thing about needing all of my non-sneaker shoes to have leather soles. They last longer and they just wear better, you know? But I saw a woman on the bus who was wearing the best Repetto knockoffs I’ve ever seen, and when I asked about them, she told me she bought them at Payless.

So off I went last week into the discount-shoe wilderness. I didn’t find the ballet flats, unfortunately, but I did find a really great pair of ivory Victorian heels (not in my size, alas) that looked really fancy and fashiony for Payless.  And the store also had some of the new winter styles by Abaete, which are disarmingly good-looking. I’ve got my eye on an emerald green heel that, when on, looks just as good as a pair of $300 shoes. Sadly, I am too cheap to buy it at full price (even at Payless price!) because they always have those Buy One Get One Free sales. Anyway, Payless: not as lousy as I’d expected.