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sales roundup!

Maybe you have a tax refund coming? I do, but it’s going to my exciting Condo Buying Fund. Shop for me, dear reader, for I cannot shop myself.

botkier.jpgIf a $315 handbag is a bargain to you, head to Botkier to pick up its Bombay satchel for that priceā€”it’s half the regular price.

Shopjake has 3.1 Phillip Lim resort at more than half-off, plus more from Mayle and Josh Goot.

Bird LA has Repetto flats and boots on the cheapish. Okay, the less-expensivish.

I would find some sale items at Le Train Bleu but their site redesign took all of the aggravatingly poor aspects of the old site and used that as inspiration. Seriously, what gives?


paule marrot + hayden-harnett

hharnett.jpgYUM YUM, I love the Hayden-Harnett Paule Marrot editions. This bag, the Beatrice, works because it’s structured but playful. I like how it has a French feel to it; it makes me think of tiny little south-of-France towns where all the women have enviably glowy skin and look foxy even though they’re wearing boring flats. Coming from less aristocratic Euro-stock, I may not be able to pull off those gifts, but I could pull off this bag. I just need to unearth more than half my rent money first. >> Hayden-Harnett