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jovovich-hawk for mng/mango pictures

The main Jovovich-Hawk line is cute and cool in a vintage way, but the prices are unjustifiably high; I have two pieces and while they’re nice, they aren’t that nice. For $449, you should get more than a camisole—or at least you should get a camisole with Karl Lagerfeld’s sweat on it, you know?

So I am happy that Jovovich-Hawk’s cheapy collection will be at Mango in April. Obviously the quality won’t be as high as the main line, but really, the stuff is cute enough to sucker me into the snore zone of Mango. Here are teeny-tiny pics of the collection; I really want the last two pieces. What do you think?




patrick robinson for target pictures

Nitrolicious has ’em, and from what I’m seeing, I’m not super-excited. The line looks breezy and appropriately summery, but… it looks like American Eagle Outfitters. The quality’s probably the same, but with these cheapy-cheap things, you’re paying for design. And this collaboration seems to be missing that latter part. >> Nitrolicious

Fashion Week: Day pre-one

img_5356.jpgFashion Week doesn’t start until tomorrow (officially) but I got a head start on the festivities today. First up: the Proenza Schouler press/VIP/whatevah sale event at the Opening Ceremony pop-up store. It was as though Conde Nast opened up and dumped its most fabulous into one tiny shop. Fashionista‘s ed was there as well, chatting up the Conde Nasties. Inside: two floors of cheap-chic madness. Opening Ceremony is long and narrow, which meant that everyone had to elbow her way through narrow aisles to grab the goods. Not fun. The most amusing part was that the clothing had a wide range of sizes, but, you know, fashion editors are generally pretty tiny. So if you didn’t grab the S or XS right away, you were in trouble. I left without buying anything, because after waiting 20 minutes to try things on, I didn’t feel like waiting 20 more to buy what I could buy online. Finally, Jack and Lazaro’s skin? Glows like a baby’s.

I dropped by a couple of other events which were, sadly, a collective snorefest. I’m convinced that such events are “see and be seen” things that ultimately make me feel poor because I’m not wearing Balenciaga boots. Instead, I am wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs boots, and somehow I think the other fashion editors know that not only are they last season’s style, they were bought on eBay.

More tomorrow.

built by wendy’s troll shoes

trollSo you know Chloe, the most annoying character in 24? My partner and I are horrible, shallow people who can’t see her without thinking of a troll (or, if we’re feeling more generous, a Keebler elf). We have this whole going in which we crouch down, curl our index and middle fingers, and scrunch up our face, and gurgle, “Troll! Troll! TROLL!” Yes, we are both mature and romantic.
Anyway, we’ve been thinking of taking our trolling to the next level. And that requires outfits. Luckily for us, Built By Wendy has a new shoe line for spring:

built by wendy shoesWhich is good, because I have been hoping for a Smeagol-esque footwear choice that also makes me look like a Joanna Newsom backup dancer.

eskell: a treat from chicago

eskellWhen it comes to American style, most people look to New York, then Los Angeles (pronounced Frank Black style, natch) and then… well, nowhere. But every now and then, you find a small designer whose work is so good, you think, “Man, if this were in New York, it would be hot-shit stuff written up in Nylon.”

Such is the case with Eskell, a Chicago-based duo that creates some charmingly girly, vintage-inspired clothing. And I don’t mean that in a weirdly juvenile Mooka Kinney way—Eskell’s stuff isn’t going to look ridiculous on someone who’s older than 24. The designers have worked at Mayle and Miguelina, and so they’ve got that whole cool-girl-who’s-still-a-lady thing going on. Plus, they’ve had fashion shows in a bowling alley—how can you not dig that? Have a look at

proenza schouler for target: pictures and strategy

pro3.jpgThe Target near me is rumored to be the busiest in the nation (it’s also rumored to be the one that brings the biggest revenues). So when the Go International stuff hits, the best items are gone within a day of hitting the racks. This is why I’m buying my Proenza Schouler stuff online. Today. Weeks before the launch. And here’s how you can do it, too:

1. Go to and search for Proenza Schouler. You might get one or two fancy items from, but most will be from Don’t bother searching on, as the items don’t show up in search results yet.

2. Click the links to go to the Target site. Last week, the images weren’t up, but they are now, so you can see what you’re looking for. Add the items you want to your cart.

3. Here’s the thing: the items aren’t in stock yet, but you can still buy them now. So when they’re in stock, they’ll be sent to you… before the other Proenza vultures can buy the stuff online in February.

4. This is the nicest part: use code TCMRSJFJ and you’ll get 10% off your order.

From what I’ve heard, the line is running small, which isn’t surprising since much of it is being marketed toward juniors. Most of the items on are not the same that were shown in the press kit, which is a nice surprise. Take a look at some of my favorites after the jump. (Update: Target has caught on and no longer has the PS pieces up!)

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worst designer label names

Rice & Beans
Great. You know what rice and beans makes me think of? No, not nutritionally complete vegan protein. It makes me think of farting. And when I see yet another t-shirt line with doofus quips on them, I want to fart on the shirts.

Chulo Pony
Chulo makes me think of culo, which is Spanish for ass. Which makes me think of the Ass Ponys, which in turn reminds me of how terrible the early 90s could be for music.

Bonnie Heart Clyde
Sometime during the last five years, schools apparently stopped teaching verbs. How else to explain the use of “heart” as a verb that replaces “loves”?

No explanation needed.

The Color Mustard
This would work only if it were a Clue-themed collection designed by Alice Walker.