things you should never wear: stacked heels

Do not listen to what any fashion magazine tells you about this, unless you are reading the magazine for which I work, because we will tell you the truth: Stacked heels, particularly when shown in platform, uh, form, look cheap.

I know, you’re thinking, “No, they don’t look cheap. They look Chloe-esque!” You are mistaken.

Here, take a look at these two shoes.

cheapshoe.jpg wedeshoe.jpg

Can you tell which one is cheapy Target and which one costs $350? Probably. But would you feel clever spending $350 on either shoe? I should hope not. Though one has actual stacked wood and the other is merely printed-on pleather, the difference isn’t that noticeable. And when something expensive doesn’t give off the appearance of quality, you are a sucker for buying it. And on top of that, you wind up looking like you just stepped out of Family Dollar.


6 responses to “things you should never wear: stacked heels

  1. so let me get this straight: as soon as the cheap knockoff realm manages to replicate reasonably well something 10-100 times the price, both are off The List? i mean, this dilution was obvious with Louis Vuitton bags, but…

    just trying to make your case bulletproof here.

  2. It’s not even about cheap but choosing to look ridiculous. There was a time when elevator shoes were being marketed for men. Never heard of them? There is a good reason for that, lol!

  3. I’m happy when knockoffs look like the real thing, but in this case, the real thing looks cheap to begin with. It’s like wearing the Designer Impostors version of Giorgio Beverly Hills perfume, you know? Yeah, you could do it for $4.99, but why would you want to smell like 1983 anyway?

  4. Jukejointjezebell

    Who are you??? The fashion diva?

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