Fashion Week: Day pre-one

img_5356.jpgFashion Week doesn’t start until tomorrow (officially) but I got a head start on the festivities today. First up: the Proenza Schouler press/VIP/whatevah sale event at the Opening Ceremony pop-up store. It was as though Conde Nast opened up and dumped its most fabulous into one tiny shop. Fashionista‘s ed was there as well, chatting up the Conde Nasties. Inside: two floors of cheap-chic madness. Opening Ceremony is long and narrow, which meant that everyone had to elbow her way through narrow aisles to grab the goods. Not fun. The most amusing part was that the clothing had a wide range of sizes, but, you know, fashion editors are generally pretty tiny. So if you didn’t grab the S or XS right away, you were in trouble. I left without buying anything, because after waiting 20 minutes to try things on, I didn’t feel like waiting 20 more to buy what I could buy online. Finally, Jack and Lazaro’s skin? Glows like a baby’s.

I dropped by a couple of other events which were, sadly, a collective snorefest. I’m convinced that such events are “see and be seen” things that ultimately make me feel poor because I’m not wearing Balenciaga boots. Instead, I am wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs boots, and somehow I think the other fashion editors know that not only are they last season’s style, they were bought on eBay.

More tomorrow.


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