collection of style: h&m’s new brand

The other day I was in H&M wondering when their prices became comparable to what boutique prices were just a few years ago. I mean, really, $59.90 for a polyester dress? From H&M?

The prices are going up even more at Collection of Style, H&M’s new store concept. The first store opens this spring in London, and 10 stores will follow in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and elsewhere in the UK. I’m imagining COS will be similar to Zara in price and quality; much higher than that and you’ll send shoppers to boutiques (because, really, if you’re going to spend $125 on a shirt, why not spend $150 for one that’s made better?). I’m looking forward to seeing its first line, and though I thought I’d sworn off London town for at least five years, I now have a flimsy excuse to hop into Heathrow… let us hope that COS is no POS.

In other H&M news, they’re launching a home collection and shoes for spring. Home will be online-only for a while, and shoes will be in 200 stores.


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