eskell: a treat from chicago

eskellWhen it comes to American style, most people look to New York, then Los Angeles (pronounced Frank Black style, natch) and then… well, nowhere. But every now and then, you find a small designer whose work is so good, you think, “Man, if this were in New York, it would be hot-shit stuff written up in Nylon.”

Such is the case with Eskell, a Chicago-based duo that creates some charmingly girly, vintage-inspired clothing. And I don’t mean that in a weirdly juvenile Mooka Kinney way—Eskell’s stuff isn’t going to look ridiculous on someone who’s older than 24. The designers have worked at Mayle and Miguelina, and so they’ve got that whole cool-girl-who’s-still-a-lady thing going on. Plus, they’ve had fashion shows in a bowling alley—how can you not dig that? Have a look at


One response to “eskell: a treat from chicago

  1. Thanks for noticing us!

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