worst designer label names

Rice & Beans
Great. You know what rice and beans makes me think of? No, not nutritionally complete vegan protein. It makes me think of farting. And when I see yet another t-shirt line with doofus quips on them, I want to fart on the shirts.

Chulo Pony
Chulo makes me think of culo, which is Spanish for ass. Which makes me think of the Ass Ponys, which in turn reminds me of how terrible the early 90s could be for music.

Bonnie Heart Clyde
Sometime during the last five years, schools apparently stopped teaching verbs. How else to explain the use of “heart” as a verb that replaces “loves”?

No explanation needed.

The Color Mustard
This would work only if it were a Clue-themed collection designed by Alice Walker.


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  1. Please photos!:)

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