proenza schouler for target: pictures and strategy

pro3.jpgThe Target near me is rumored to be the busiest in the nation (it’s also rumored to be the one that brings the biggest revenues). So when the Go International stuff hits, the best items are gone within a day of hitting the racks. This is why I’m buying my Proenza Schouler stuff online. Today. Weeks before the launch. And here’s how you can do it, too:

1. Go to and search for Proenza Schouler. You might get one or two fancy items from, but most will be from Don’t bother searching on, as the items don’t show up in search results yet.

2. Click the links to go to the Target site. Last week, the images weren’t up, but they are now, so you can see what you’re looking for. Add the items you want to your cart.

3. Here’s the thing: the items aren’t in stock yet, but you can still buy them now. So when they’re in stock, they’ll be sent to you… before the other Proenza vultures can buy the stuff online in February.

4. This is the nicest part: use code TCMRSJFJ and you’ll get 10% off your order.

From what I’ve heard, the line is running small, which isn’t surprising since much of it is being marketed toward juniors. Most of the items on are not the same that were shown in the press kit, which is a nice surprise. Take a look at some of my favorites after the jump. (Update: Target has caught on and no longer has the PS pieces up!)

pro2.jpg pro3.jpg





2 responses to “proenza schouler for target: pictures and strategy

  1. oh, this is a saucy secret that has gotten out of the bag! thank you!

  2. The coupon code doesn’t work anymore try
    TGTSAVE3 for 10% off.

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