2007’s fashion predictions

While batty Pat Robertson is busy spreading the messages he’s allegedly received from the good lord, I’m spreading the messages I’ve developed in my noggin. And here they are, my very exciting predictions for 2007:

 1.  The cheap-chic thing will hit its peak.
I’m a fan of the designer-collaboration thing that Target, Uniqlo, Topshop and H&M have been doing: It at least puts a little more creativity into affordable pieces. I think the trend will continue, but it’s also going to peak—at some point, the cachet and cool factor of it all will go away, especially as some designers worry about becoming another Pierre Cardin by cheapening their names. The collaborations will continue, just not at such a frenzied rate.

2. Expect some consumer rebellion against prices.
Yesterday I saw a lovely blouse by doo.ri. It was $995. I practically peed my pants in fear. Luxury prices are nothing new, but the normalization of those prices is ready for a backlash. I think we’re seeing this already with designer jeans; people are no longer willing to pay more than $200 for a pair, and I predict the $165 “the row” t-shirt will die a slow death on the clearance rack.

3. Conscious conspicuous consumption.
Real change would involve people examining the psychology of shopping, which would likely lead to a realization that we buy so frequently because we are insecure.  Until that happens, the closest thing to shopping consciousness will come in the forms of ecologically friendly and fairly produced clothing. I think people will pay a premium to be “green,” particularly if a designer’s gimmick involves the greeness; and more Product Red-type items will be launched. Watch out for consciousness fatigue, though.

4. A 70s revival
Oh jesus, I can feel it: they’re going to try to push wide-leg, high-waisted trousers on us. And smocked dresses. And avocado green mixed with yellow!  I don’t want to look like I’m going to Jonestown; count me out.

5. Say hello to…
Yellow, everywhere (primary yellow, yay; butter yellow, church time!). Short A-line dresses. More wedgey platforms. More flats. More celebrity clothing lines, unfortunately. Knitted details. Shorter hair. Low-key makeup.
5. Say adios to…
Patent leather platform stilettos. Skinny jeans. Crocs, which you never should greet in the first place. Ironic tees outside of the hipster/frat-boy realm. Big, “done” hair.


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