zac posen + barbie = twue wuv

zac posen as kenI think Zac Posen is talented, especially for his age, but he seems to be going off the deep end. The praise has gone to his head, and it seems he thinks his shit doesn’t stink. And now he’s designed a $300 Barbie and Ken set!

This concerns me.

It concerns me because the Ken doll has been modeled after Zac, in all his jheri-curl glory. It concerns me because the dog that comes with the set is modeled after Zac’s own dog. It concerns me that one of Zac’s bags is included in the set, when his bag line is not even a year old. It concerns me that Zac is designing a world in which he can live with Barbie while real-world Zac doesn’t notice that his collections have been getting lousier and lousier reviews. And it concerns me because somewhere there is a woman with way too much money who is about to pee her pants with glee as she successfully bids on this schlock on eBay.


2 responses to “zac posen + barbie = twue wuv

  1. Oh no. What is happening here? Really.

    Reminds me of this…

    Dear Marc Jacobs, Pigeons are disgusting no matter how iridescent

  2. i dont think this is sooo concerning, if any designer can made his own doll i will love to se lagerfeld or galliano like that, i agree that zac maybe isnt the most talented person, but sorry the doll is soo cute.please tell me: when the fashion world become so stiff, its only fashion, not nuclear sciense, you dont have to be so angry if a person succeed without talent or carisma, he will soon be OUT, because that is the way of fashion.

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