patrick robinson for target

Patty is the designer for Paco Rabanne, and if you’re like me, Paco Rabanne makes you thinkof those Designer Impostors colognes that were really big in the 80s: Do you love Paco Rabanne? Then you’ll LOVE Taco Baboon!

Anyway, WWD reports that Patrick Robinson is the post-Proenza designer Target’s lined up for its Go International collection. I am not very excited.

UPDATE: The line is features skinny jeans (enh), cargo pants (ugh), knicker pants (promising), cropped utility pants (gross), bubble skirts (horrors!), paper-bag waist skirts (whee!) and pleated dresses (we’ll see).


3 responses to “patrick robinson for target

  1. This Go stuff is getting boring. They’re all from New York now and not international. They should find cool asian designers or something

  2. This GO stuff is getting old. They’re all from NY now and not international. Only 2 were from abroad (UK FRANCE). They should do some cool asian designers

  3. Yeah, I’d love to see Tsumori Chisato for Target. I’m surprised they didn’t work out a deal with some of the Australian designers who did capsule collections for Target in Oz.

    That said, this is still the only way I’ll be able to afford Proenza Schouler…

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