top model awesomeness

America’s Next Top Model is such a fun, stupid show. It’s alternately hilarious and sad to see how these girls–all too old to begin a career in modeling–seem to believe that participating in reality TV will launch their stardom. Part of my job involves hiring models, and these girls? Would not work for my shoots.

But just when I thought ANTM was amazing enough, I discover this: Livejournal’s Next Top Model. How meta. For LJNTM, would-be models have to do a photo shoot each week, submit it to the judges, and then survive the critique. And then they win fabulous prizes such as jpeg banners.
My favorite part of all of this is not the photographs, which are sometimes creative and generally kind of endearing/sad. No, I love the judges, who clearly take their duties seriously:

  • “Before your shoot, I’d never heard of breast cancer detecting dogs.”
  • “Show some emotion, and losen up a bit. This is all in fun, right? Also, please get off that bed.”
  • “Remember to be mindfull of your nostrils.”
  • “It’s not flattering when your mouth is hanging wide open.”
  • “These are supposed to be beauty shots, not emo shots.”

So much fun!


2 responses to “top model awesomeness

  1. lol!!! I LOVE 1topmodel. The group is so tight-knit and fun to watch!

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