la petite salope

lps.jpgBritish RTW label La Petite Salope says that its name translates from the French as “the little strumpet.” Actually, it’s the little bitch/slut, but in a French way that does indeed have strumpetish connotations. It’s not nice to call ladies salopes in France.

What is nice is how effortlessly the clothes use corsetry and lingerie detailing to create dresses that are simultaneously diaphanous and strong. The colors are deep and moody, the detailed beading and pleating is fantastic, and each piece is something likely to make the other ladies at a soiree think you’re a bitch for being the best-dressed one there.

I’ve seen the line in London, but in the States it’s harder to find; eBay usually has a bargain or two. Browse it all online at


One response to “la petite salope

  1. just had alook at website – beautiful cloths
    great post

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