ka7: the return of katayone adeli

katayone adeli and sevenWay back in the early 2000s, before I became a hermit cat lady with too many shoes, Katayone Adeli made the trousers I wanted to afford. Even the pants in her diffusion line were steep back then for contemporary wear, around $150, but they fit just fantastically. I finally snagged some Katayone trousers on major clearance (what else is new?) and though they are now too big, I refuse to sell them. I might get chubsy someday.

Anyway, much like Backstreet and Eminem both claimed they were, Katayone’s back. She’s designing a line with 7 For All Mankind, and it’s called KA7. There’s surprisingly little fanfare surrounding her return, especially because the collection is pretty good. It isn’t cheap–this shirt is $148–but the sweater dresses, among other things, look very now.


2 responses to “ka7: the return of katayone adeli

  1. WOW… What a pair!!!

    Thanks for the info… I gave a link to this article on my blog… (my new post)


  2. Yeah, it’s pretty good stuff. Way expensive for what it is, though it’s likely to go on sale come January!

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