built by wendy: foundation shaky

Built By Wendy used to have this great indie-girl vibe, making me think about what Cat Power might wear if she weren’t running around Miami like the Bride of Drunkenstein. Wendy Mullin’s stuff was cute and quirky and girlish, but not in a creepy Lolita way. It was the kind of line that made you want to pick up a guitar.



something happened.

Seriously, what went wrong? Nobody who’s literate should be wearing a dress that has penguins on it. I do not want to look like the Deer Hunter, nor do I want to be that asshole infidel who cutes up a keffiyeh print with hearts. Also, I think my dad wore that striped shirt during his 1973 honeymoon fishing adventure. Oh, Wendy, I don’t know if my closet can be your pal anymore.


One response to “built by wendy: foundation shaky

  1. This is sad. Those penguins should be on a cola commercial, not a dress.

    Also, I understand it’s a trend, but turn down the volume immediately. No human parachutes, please…

    Again, sad.

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