viktor and rolf: H&M pictures

So, this weekend I’m going to interview Viktor and Rolf. I can’t decide whether I should wear their skirt (bought on major sale at Saks outlet), or if that would make me look like a toady. Or what if they are all, “This is lookink tear-uh-bull, is it not, Rolf?” and “Affirmative, Viktor; this skirt vas not built to accommodate the, how you say, badonkadonk”? Whatever happens, it will be good to meet them so I no longer give them the voice of Soviet vampires in my head.

Here are a few small pictures of the H&M women’s collection:vr2.jpg

(From The Times online)

The heart stuff works for some pieces, such as the trenchcoat, but I worry that V&R’s design vision might not be adapted so easily by your typical shopper. I think these pieces would look good if they were worn in a vampy, strong-lady way rather than in a sweet-as-sugar way (too cloying!). And it’ll also be interesting to see how these look in larger sizes, because ruffles on an already curvy body = danger Will Robinson!

Update! H&M posted the full collection on October 30.


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