rafe for target: the verdict

rafe.jpg…is not so good. I found a small-town Target that had put out its Rafe Totengco bags, and I’m pretty let down by them. Rafe isn’t my favorite accessories designer, but his totes are typically stylish enough. Not so with Target–they look cheap and dated.

There are two sub-collections: a faux patent-leather series and a metallic-fabric “formal” set with beading. The patent-leather stuff looks all right as a $19.99 clutch; it has faux brass hardware and looks like something that a knackered Marc Jacobs might have designed out of Play-Doh. But the sister $49.99 tote is unnecessarily large, and at such a size it winds up looking chintzy. If you’re going to spend $50 on a bag, you may as well hit eBay and pick up something from Barneys, you know?

The beaded bags looked better, except they have silver-look chains (kinda like the fake Chanel bags you always see). Honestly, I think the chains came from Home Depot. They’re too shiny, and they make the kind of quiet clanging that can only be a sign of the Ghost of Budget Handbags Past. No thanks. >> Rafe at Target


One response to “rafe for target: the verdict

  1. …but, they are people in the world(surprise, surprise) who ARE NOT Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan who make a living working everyday holding up the society, like teachers, postmen and police officers who cannot afford a $400 bag. RAFE is just fine for the rest of us waaaay down here!

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