viktor and rolf for h&m

In about a month, Viktor & Rolf’s collection for H&M will hit 24 stores worldwide. Unlike last year’s collaboration with Stella McCartney, this one will include menswear (yay). Like last year’s collaboration, this one will probably sell out in an hour (boo). Thursday’s WWD had a puff piece on the whole thing, including a cover photo of the bespectacled boys bookending a model in their $378 wedding dress. This picture gives you an idea of what to expect:

(Picture from The Fashion Spot) viktor.jpg

Ganesh looks good in the dress, don’t you think?

“Artsy” photography aside, this number is top on my list. I like its versatility–you could fancy it up with seamed stockings or wear it during the day with a pair of red patent-leather mary janes. I’m just curious to see what the fit is like. I have a Viktor & Rolf skirt, and it runs big. Then again, that’s probably a plus for most of H&M’s U.S. shoppers.


One response to “viktor and rolf for h&m

  1. i need two dressers now!

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