scatterbrained ny times story

Can anybody tell me what Guy Trebay is doing in today’s Styles story? There are some funny sentences in it for sure (“You can hardly squeeze another lip liner into these spaces, which are packed so tightly with photographers, models, dressers, hairdressers, stylists, grungy model boyfriends and enterprising creeps.”) but the organization of the story itself is more confused than Axl Rose’s concept of personal hygiene. Here’s what we can learn from the story:

1. Math is hard!
2. Professional photographers are into upskirt photos.
3. Angela Lindvall = simply bovine at 5’11” and 127 pounds. Fatty!
4. “Trying to remain adolescent forever is doomed.” Tell that to Nambla.
5. Lindsay Lohan dresses like she’s 45 (I hear she loves Chico’s.)
6. Shoes = throw pillows
7. People really like boring, orthopedic Tod’s shoes.


One response to “scatterbrained ny times story

  1. Lindsay has definately been overexposed lately and I think that’s going to hurt her career in the next year!

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