cheap monday jeans

I’d read about Cheap Monday jeans in WWD, but it wasn’t until I visited Tokyo that I actually got to see a pair of its corduroys in person. The idea behind Cheap Monday is to sell stylish trousers at “inexpensive” prices. I’d argue that $65 isn’t inexpensive, only less expensive than your J Brands and Acnes–but that’s just the cheapskate inside me who remembers her mother cawing about the exorbitant prices of Guess? jeans back in the ninety-one.picture-1.png

So here’s what I’m thinking about Cheap Monday: Clever name, great concept, so-so execution. It’s not that the fabric quality is bad. It’s that these particular styles look like ass. From left: Red jeans make me think of Cross Colours, Mom jeans just highlight paunch, droopy-drawers are never foxy, and skinny jeans are everywhere by this point. Maybe some other styles are more flattering…


One response to “cheap monday jeans

  1. I tend to think of cheap as £4 we have a shop in England where you can brand new jeans for £4 although the quality will be poor. I like the red ones.s

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