five fabulous, cheap ebay finds

Sometimes I wear expensive clothes. I do not pay much money for them, because I buy them on eBay. The only downside to this plan is that people assume I make more money than I do, and they expect me to be farting money or something. So now I’m going to find good auctions and list them once or twice a week for your bidding pleasure. Bid early, bid often, but don’t you dare bid on any size 4 dresses. (the goods after the jump)
jean.jpgJean-Michel Cazabat heels, size 37.5EU: I’m not a fan of animal-textured leather, as it feels a little too Marla Maples for my own personal style. But if that’s your thing, you’d be hard-pressed to come up with a better pair for just 40 bucks (Cazabat heels, sold at Barneys, are generally around $350–$400).

Jovovich-Hawk pinstripe dress, size 6: I’ve tried this on in a boutique. It’s surprisingly really flattering, and it’s the sort of dress that you always wish you could find in thrift stores (but never do). The bid price is low but the shipping? Insane.
Lover blouse, size 6/8: Lover is what Marc Jacobs might have done with Marc by Marc if he had decided to spend more time creating than merely repeating the same silhouettes after the fourth season. This shirt is a great go-anywhere piece, and it’s priced at a steal.

French Sole glittery flats, size 37EU: Normally, bows on shoes look precious (or if they’re made of pleather, just plain tacky). But these manage to look sleek and cool because of the glitter–they’re just the right kind of over-the-top.

YSL heels, size 9.5: Current season, beautiful, and cheap for the price. Also, the seller’s name is similar to that of funk legend Nile Rodgers, almost, which makes me laugh.


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